Which are the most inappropriate methods for money earning?

Money earning?

When the world economic situation is extremely unstable, and everyone desires to live without financial concerns, people begin to look for additional sources of personal income. And if this happens to be a source that allows you to stay at home and earn money, without to strain yourself, it will be only an advantage. The problem is that such methods are extremely risky, or sincerely losing.


Perhaps you have seen many of them. They offer you a training, of course paid, which some day will turn into a profitable homewrok. This is a good method to earn … but for the one who leads the seminar.


A seriously risky undertaking, where you earn the money that someone else loses. And if you have not dedicated your life to this and do not have substantial capital, think about whether to try or not. Only 15% of FOREX-players have the chance to become rich from their trading.

Online researches

Hardly is there anyone who haven’t searched in Google, taking away tons of spam on his e-mail. You all have seen the „unique” offers to win 10, 20 or 50 dollars an hour with a simple participation in a study. You don’t think that you are going to be paid for real, right?

High yield investments

We talk about financial pyramids. Now grandparents and grandchildren know well these schemes in which a company promises high income for your savings and even at the beginning it regular pays them to you. And it goes in this way until the flow of new investors ceases and the pyramid explodes.

Online Games

Multiuser online games, since the end of 2009, represent an industry that brings $ 10 billion in annual revenues. If you spend all your free time on online games, and if you sell game property for real money, you have the real chance to earn. It will be enough to remember the grand purchase of a character from World of Warcraft for 10 thousand dollars in 2007. But for this you have to play day and night and to forget about another job … is there anyone who can take your expenses?

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