What is the life today of the broker who lost $ 6.5 million 25 years ago?

Exactly 25 years ago, in 1987 David Gashi makes the biggest mistake of his life – he loses $ 6.5 million on the exchange market.

His life becomes devalued. After several years of unsuccessful attempts to recover and stand back on his feet, in 1993, the broker decides to make a desperate move – together with his girlfriend, he moves on a deserted Australian island with the reservation with authorities that he would build a place for tourist entertainment.

David Gashi

However, this did not happen. Later on his girlfriend, who cannot get used to the isolated life on the island, decided to move away, leaving Gashi and their young son.

The Australian island where David lives

Despite the false promise, the Australian authorities allow the former broker to stay in this paradise land with area 1.52 ha.

So Gashi becomes a real Robinson Crusoe.

The new Robinson Crusoe

Life taught him to be self-sufficient – David goes fishing, grows fruit-trees and even makes beer by his own.

The only people who see him are regularly visiting crews of ships sailing along the island.

He has the Internet and with big pleasure he communicates in social networks and even looks for Petkan to share his solitude, yet an unsuccessful attempt. Until now his only true friend remains his dog.

David enjoys his isolation

He often makes a joke – „Sometimes I feel lonely, but still I hope that the sea will throw away a mermaid on the shore.”

David and his true friend

After all that happened, he has long ago turned his back to the world of finance. However, sometimes he is tempted to try the exchange market in the Internet. Just to remember what he has lost.


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