What is the best trading platform?

Forex trading platform
Forex trading platform

There are so many companies, which create various Forex trading platforms and it is essential for almost every large broker to have his own trading software. But despite all that diversity of trading platforms offered on the market, there is one that seems prominent among others, for its accessibility, continuously upgrading tools, and high quality services. This is MetaTrader 4.
Here are our arguments in support of Meta Trader 4 :

1. MT4 forex trading platform has extremely complex forex charts. You are able to navigate as many charts as you want and customize them at your discretion. You may put there any indicator that you want. Besides, if you are willing to, you can download some custom indicators or create your own.
2. One of its biggest priorities is that MT4 is very popular and available. This means that you have an easy access to it on number of forums, where you can download a lot of custom indicators, expert advisors, scripts and any kind of tools and instruments. Of course you are able to ask for help at any time and get some useful information.
3. This currency trading software has an excellent script language ( MetaQuotes Language 4 – MQL 4), by which help you can create your own trading systems and automate your trading.
4. This Forex trading platform even has a tester, which helps you to check the work of your trading system or to follow how they performed in the past.

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