The Automated Trading Championship 2012 started

Automated Trading Championship 2012
Automated Trading Championship 2012

The long- expected Automated Trading Championship 2012, one of the biggest trading competitions for this year, has already started! This annual event is held for the sixth time, since its offset during the 2006. In about three months there will be an unmerciful struggle between traders from all over the world. They have already developed their own automated trading strategies in competition for the total prize of 80,000 US dollars, which will be a reward for the best three expert advisors that took part in this championship.

The Championship of Automated Trading is held from October 1st up to December 28th 2012. There will be selected the three of the best expert advisor developers, who have shown notable trading strategies and qualities. This competition is aiming to show and popularize the automated trading itself and the MQL5 programming language. We will be able to follow in a current time, the behavior of different trading systems that operate in real market conditions.

Each individual, willing to participate, should have reached the age of 16 and make his or her own registration on Details like gender, citizenship or profession are not taken into account. Participants are required to send their personal expert advisors on this website and follow the whole process of organization. The competition of the automated trading systems must be explicitly realized without any human intervention. Traders cannot change their trading systems after the championship has started.

For those who wish, this is a great opportunity to estimate the present condition of the trading strategies, as well as the level of their effectiveness and reliability. This year, there are representatives from 59 countries, and 451 trading robots are going to fight for the attractive prize. The countries that have the biggest number of people who have declared their participation are Russia – 156(34,6%), Ukraine – 38(8,4%) and China with 24 participants (5,3%). Then, there come Germany with 15, Belarus, Indonesia, Spain and the USA, all with 13 participants.

Automated Trading Championship 2012

Sponsors of the Automated Trading Championship 2012 are Alpari (UK) Limited, United World Capital LTD and RoboForex LP. The jury consists of the following representatives – Renat Fatkhullin, Andrey Vedikhin, Dmitriy Petrenko, and Andrey Goilov.

Expect more detailed information about the competition, statistics, rating and further results.

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