The industrial production in Germany exceeds all expectations

German industry
German industry

The industrial production of Germany rose in July more than expected, after a report for decline in June, says the official data of the German Ministry of Economy on Friday. According to the data, the industrial production of Germany in July, with seasonal adjustment, increased by 1.3% in comparison with the previous month. Analysts had expected industrial production increased by 0.2%.

The data for June were revised. As it can be seen from the revised data, the industrial production of Germany in June fell by 0.4%, not by the reported 0.9%. Compared to the same period last year, the industrial production of Germany, after an adjustment, decreased by 1.4%.

These are the latest data for the key advantage of the industrial sector in Germany amid the debt crisis in the Eurozone.
According to an earlier published data from a statistical agency of Germany, exports and imports of the country increased slightly in July, after falling in June. Factory orders also rose faster than expected in July, due to increased orders from the country, and the foreign orders remain almost unchanged after a sharp decline during the previous month.

Last month, an official report was published, which showed that the GDP of Germany, the largest economy in Europe, rose with 0.2 percent in the second quarter of 2012. For the same period the GDP of the Eurozonefell by 0.2%, due to the decreased household consumption and investments.

And yet, the economic sentiment indicator for Germany continuous to show negative indicators. The index of confidence in the business community Ifo, fell in August to its lowest level for the last two and a half years. The index of economic expectations ZEW, fell in August for the fourth time.

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