Something interesting about the U.S. dollar

US dollar
U.S. Dollar

The U.S. dollar is the most widely used currency in the world. Check out some interesting facts about it:

1. How long does the banknote live?

Coins „live” about 25 years.
As far as banknotes are concerned, it depends on the nominal value, because some are more often used than others:
$ 1 – 22 months
$ 5 – 16 months
$ 10 – 18 months
$ 20 – 24 months
$ 50 – 55 months
$ 100 – 89 months

2. Was there ever a portrait of a woman on the banknotes?

Martha Washington, which was wife of the first president of the USA, is the only woman depicted on banknotes. Her image was on the face of the banknote of $ 1, from 1886 and 1891, and on the back of those of 1896.

3. Was there ever a portrait of black man on the dollar banknote?

The answer is no. There was a face of a black man only on coins – 1940 George Washington Carver (a scientist) and Booker T. Washington (a public figure), were portrayed on a special edition coins.
On the banknotes, there were some signatures from blacks that acted as Secretary of the Treasury, including one woman.

4. What percent is the number of 1 dollar banknotes?

They are equal to 42.3% from all banknotes.

5. Which is the largest banknote ever printed?

This is a banknote from 100,000 dollars. In fact, it has been certificate of Gold, released in 1934. They are in limited edition and were used for payment only between banks, without coming into general use.

6. The breadth of America measured in pennies

If you arrange the pennies along one mile, you will need an amount of 844.80 dollars. If you arrange the pennies along the entire width of the United States – from the east coast to the west – you will need 2.5 million dollars.

7. What does the inscription E Pluribus Unum mean?

The Federal Reserve in San Francisco explains the history of the motto as:
The inscription is used in many state seals and in the currency in the United States. Means it means One from many others.
The idea of this motto was proposed by John Adams, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, during the American Revolution. It first appeared on the state seal of the United States in 1782, and was printed for the first time on banknotes in 1902.

8. What does this weird eye mean?

This is the all-seeing eye that symbolizes divine providence.

9. On what paper are dollars printed?

Actually it is not a paper, it is rather a tissue that is composed of 75% cotton and 25% linen with silk threads. That is why the banknotes do not disintegrate when washed.
How stable are these banknotes?
They are quite strong. To tear a banknote you need to shrink it 4000 times on one side and 4000 times on the other.

10. Do torn banknotes still have any value?

Yes, they can be replaced. Every year the Treasury replaces about 30,000 damaged banknotes that worth about $ 30 million.

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