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Today, on the recommendation of our users, we are going to observe the work of Сергей (www), with his expert advisor www_2012exp (GBPJPY, 10 minutes). At this present moment, he appears on 9th place in the temporary standings with current equity 33 117.16.

The system is based on entry signal from MACD, most probably in crossing the baseline with 0.
Transactions are realized with TakeProfit 70 and StopLoss 240. It closes on a counter signal as well.

The choice of these rules, in our opinion, is not a result from optimization, but from analysis of the behavior of this very volatile currency.

Choosing these rules, the participant skillfully manages to avoid the major trends typical for this currency, and trades during periods when the MACD crosses 0, i.e. he searches for range periods.

And exactly in such periods, he uses short TakeProfit of 70 and big StopLoss from 240, which to a large extend guarantees that the Stop will not hit in this range and closing with TakeProfit of 70 could be achieved just by the natural noise of the currencies movement.

Besides, he uses money management that in a successful transaction makes the capital increase by 1.26 times and in loss – reduce to 2.2 times.

The idea of this capital management is to avoid bad series of transactions. Statistically, however, such low TakeProfit is more likely to take place, in comparison with the StopLoss, so this type of capital managing appears inefficient.

Therefore, in our example we have used a different type of capital management that we consider as more appropriate.

Here are the results from 1 January 2012 up to now.

www ForexZig version

The system is designed for GBPJPY, H1.

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The mql4 codes that are available for purchase have the single purpose to visualize the basic idea of the participants in Mql5 championship. Through them, you are able to conduct tests, using data similar to those of the competition. At first, your broker quotes should be with the same server time (time zone), as those of MetaQuotes. Of course, most systems are optimized exactly for MetaQuotes.
Although the biggest part of the trading systems in this championship are designed to win the competition, in a large extent they rely on luck and aggressive Money Management. However, in most of them, there is a little bit good idea, which keeps them relatively long time in front places. Through these codes, we aim to make you find something that suits to your own style of trading. If you choose to use them in this shape for a real trading, this would lie at your own risk. Our recommendation is to use these codes only as a source of ideas.

Expect more analysis and comments on the Automated Trading Championship 2012.

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