Mql5 championship – FIFO expert advisor analysis and mql4 code

In the following few articles we are going to focus on a certain number of participants that took part in the Automated Trading Championship 2012. We are going to make some brief analysis of their strategies, on the basis of particular deals, and to find the basic methods for using their systems. We are not supposed to observe the participants’ work in very small details, because their systems are optimized for specific periods, therefore it is important to understand the main idea, not the specific parameters. It is not our purpose to represent participants’ systems in a complete accurate way.

FIFO expert advisor analysis

The expert ice_rain_ATC2012 began trading on October 1, 2012 at 0:00.
The market situation in this particular time is depicted on the picture below:

FIFO expert advisor analysis

It is then placed one buy stop order and one sell stop order, each with Stop 30 and TakeProfit 90, as depicted on the second picture:

FIFO expert advisor analysis

We see that for a long position entrance, it is selected a local top, and analogically – for short position it is selected local bottom.
In the realization of the sell stop order, the buy stop order is deleted and it is used trailing stop of about 22 pips, as it is shown in the picture 3.

FIFO expert advisor analysis

As a result, the trailing stop is realized and the sell position is closed on level 1.28240 on October 1, 2012 at 05:21:41.
Then a new sell stop order is being placed as we see on picture 4:

FIFO expert advisor analysis

But the most interesting thing is that there is no buy stop order. It is placed not until the formation of a new high on October 1, 2012 at 13:14:50.
This fact suggests that FIFO expert advisor is not just looking for low / high bars, X bar back, but also for local extremes. Using the fractals indicator on the chart, you can follow the logic much easier.
See picture 5:

FIFO expert advisor analysis

As a final observation we may say that the expert advisor works as follows:

– When it starts, there are placed buy stop and sell stop orders on the last up and the last down fractal, each with Stop 30 and TakeProfit 90 pips.
– An activation of one order deletes the other, and the activated one is realized by take profit, stop loss or trailing stop of about 22 pips.
– These placed orders are modified when a new fractal appears. There are used fractals that are formed at the end of the particular transaction.

FIFO mql4 code

Fifo EA
Fifo EA

This is an Expert Advisor that works in relation to the idea mentioned in the article above. This is not an exact copy of that Trading System, it rather reflects our own approach and reveals the basic concepts of the participant’s method in this particular Automated Trading Championship.
The Expert Advisor that we offer works on MT4 with EURUSD, using H1 period.
On the above picture you can follow its performance from 01.01.2012 up to now.

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The mql4 codes that are available for purchase have the single purpose to visualize the basic idea of the participants in Mql5 championship. Through them, you are able to conduct tests, using data similar to those of the competition. At first, your broker quotes should be with the same server time (time zone), as those of MetaQuotes. Of course, most systems are optimized exactly for MetaQuotes.
Although the biggest part of the trading systems in this championship are designed to win the competition, in a large extent they rely on luck and aggressive Money Management. However, in most of them, there is a little bit good idea, which keeps them relatively long time in front places. Through these codes, we aim to make you find something that suits to your own style of trading. If you choose to use them in this shape for a real trading, this would lie at your own risk. Our recommendation is to use these codes only as a source of ideas.

Expect more analysis and comments on the Automated Trading Championship 2012.

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