Mql5 championship – 26405 expert advisor analysis

The next Expert Adviser that we are going to observe is used by the participant 26405 – CCCP (EURUSD, 1 hour). In this present moment, he appears on 5th place in the temporary standings with current equity 44 578.00.

As we analyze his transactions so far, it appears that the participant uses time strategy, which shows that the expert is serious, concerning a lot of work and profound survey of the market.

Although, such strategies look very simple at first sight, you should know that stable efforts stand behind them.

Basically, the strategy comes to opening a position at 10:36 am and 3:36 pm in the direction of the current trend.

Fixed TakeProfit and StopLoss levels are being used – for short positions StopLoss 77 and TakeProfit 127, for long positions StopLoss 77 and TakeProfit 76.

One of the long positions makes an exception with 127 and apparently there is a rule that also changes the TakeProfit of the long positions. Besides, there are possibilities for additions to the position of the lower level, but these are rather some rules for optimization and they do not affect much on the idea itself.

The logic of the system is that in these hours, important data for the particular trading session have appeared – European at 10:36 am and American 3:36 pm.

The market has taken in its direction and statistically it may be expected to continue in the same one.

But there are some things we don’t like and we changed them. First we divided the entry points from 10:35 and 15:35 to two different strategies and did separated test. The result was that the 10:35 entry was much better.(this was expected , because the entry at 15:35 was too close to the us market data).So the 15:35 entry was removed.The second thing that we changed – we made the stoploss to be even with the takeprofit = 77. Then we added one of our favourite types of advanced money management and we received one good Expert Advisor.

These are the results of the backtest from 01.01.2012 up to now. This test is with  MinLot setting =0.1, MaxLot setting = 1

26405 ForexZig version
26405 ForexZig version

Mql5 championship – 26405 expert advisor analysis

The Expert Advisor that we offer works on MT4 with EURUSD, using H1 period.

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The mql4 codes that are available for purchase have the single purpose to visualize the basic idea of the participants in Mql5 championship. Through them, you are able to conduct tests, using data similar to those of the competition. At first, your broker quotes should be with the same server time (time zone), as those of MetaQuotes. Of course, most systems are optimized exactly for MetaQuotes.
Although the biggest part of the trading systems in this championship are designed to win the competition, in a large extent they rely on luck and aggressive Money Management. However, in most of them, there is a little bit good idea, which keeps them relatively long time in front places. Through these codes, we aim to make you find something that suits to your own style of trading. If you choose to use them in this shape for a real trading, this would lie at your own risk. Our recommendation is to use these codes only as a source of ideas.

Expect more analysis and comments on the Automated Trading Championship 2012.

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