Easy money earning?

Money earning

In the previous article we talked about some money earning methods and additional sources of personal income. However, they could hide extremely high risks and potential loss. See the rest of the most famous methods for easily gained profit.


Some blogs bring a good income from advertising. Most of the winning blogs, however, are in possession of professional journalists that could get to quite sensational information. So, in this context, your considerations about little green men, conquering the world, hardly will gain success. Think about this and look for earning money from blogging if the UN General Secretary personally comments on your aliens.

Participation in a medical experiment

Participation in medical experiments as a guinea pig is actually well-paid in most of the countries in the West. If you do not have health problems together with the good payment… it will be ok, but the history know such cases.


There could be two problems. First, the classical mathematical problem of the devastated player says that every player with limited capital sooner or later loses everything against the player with unlimited capital (the casino for example).
Secondly, statistics show that every gambler in the U.S. loses an average of 50,000 dollars a year, and the likelihood for players to end their lives by suicide is 20 times higher than that of mere mortals.
Generally speaking – if you decide to profit from gambling, you may just throw your money in the trash and forget about them.

Help to millionaires
There is a method of fraud, known in narrow circles as № 419. Behind it stands a courteous widow of a millionaire or a cleric, who pathetically asks you by an email to help him bring out of his troubled country, Nigeria for example, his honestly acquired millions. You will receive a large share, you only have to send some money to bribe senior officials and for running costs.


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