Dollar higher ahead of European interest rate decisions, January 9 2013

U.S. dollar

The American dollar was traded higher against its major counterparts during today’s Asian session as investors expected earnings data from U.S. corporations and interest rate decisions from Europe’s key central banks.

During the Asian trading today, the EURUSD was traded at 1.3076. The pair would probably find support at 1.3025, bottom from Monday, and resistance at 1.3129, peak from yesterday’s session.

The U.S. dollar moved higher against the euro after data from the Eurozone showed that the economy in the region has no signs to improve. The unemployment rate for the Eurozone reached the level 11.8% yesterday, more than the previous rate of 11.7%.

Also, the GBPUSD was traded at the level of 1.6047. The pair was traded as high as 1.6069 and as low as 1.6044 during the session. The GBPUSD is close to short-term support that will be probably found at Friday’s bottom level of 1.6017.

The greenback was higher against the Japanese yen, with USDJPY reaching the level of 87.47. At the same time, the AUDUSD moved down with 0.07% to the level of 1.0495.

The strength seen in the yen is a change of the direction from rather recent trends – the USDJPY was traded at 88.35 last Friday, however it could be seen the general yen weakness, which has started since the beginning of December.

The dollar was also up against its Canadian rival, with USDCAD trading at 0.9874.

As a whole, the American dollar index increased with 0.16% to 80.54 in today’s Asian session. The index traded as high as 80.56 and as low as 80.41.

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