Dollar goes up due to the growing concerns in the Eurozone

U.S. Dollar

Today, the American dollar goes broadly higher against the other major currencies, due to the growing concerns over a delayed bailout payment for Greece. This provoked demand for the safety of the dollar.

During European morning trade, the U.S. dollar was close to two-month highs against the euro, with EURUSD reaching  1.2675.

Besides, tensions over the U.S. fiscal cliff contributed for the demand for the American dollar.

The single currency was slightly lower against the pound, with GBPUSD reaching 1.5893.

Moreover, U.S. dollar was unstable against the yen, with USDJPY trading at 79.40. However, it moved higher against the Swiss franc, with USDCHF trading at 0.9503.

The American currency moved slightly against its Canadian, Australian and New Zealand fellows, with USDCAD trading at 1.0011, AUDUSD moving down to 1.0419 and NZDUSD reaching 0.8181.

The dollar index that follows the movement of the greenback together with six other major currencies, went up to 81.26.

Later this day, America is expected to show official data on the federal budget balance.

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