Dollar broadly higher against other currencies

U.S. dollar

Today, the American dollar appears to be broadly higher against the most major currencies, due to investors’ anticipation of the U.S. employment data, while the euro zone debt have a great impact on the market situation.

During the European late morning trade, the U.S. dollar was higher against the euro, with EURUSD reaching 1.2878.

The greenback was also higher against the pound, with GBPUSD reaching the level of 1.6102.

Besides, the single currency was higher against the yen and the Swiss franc, with USDJPY breaking the level 80.25, and USDCHF going up at 0.9373.

Also, the American dollar was higher against its Canadian, Australian and New Zealand fellows, with USDCAD heading to 0.9973, AUDUSD going down to 1.0379 and NZDUSD breaking the level of 0.8266.

Later this day, America is expected to release a government report on nonfarm payrolls, as well as data on the unemployment rate, together with official data on average earnings and factory orders.

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