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Dollar went down due to Greece optimism, 12.04.2012 December 4, 2012

U.S. dollar

The American dollar went down against the other major currencies today, due to the optimism concerning Greece, and to buy back debt.

During European late morning session, the dollar was reaching its six-week highs against the euro, with EURUSD trading at 1.3075.

The greenback found support after Greece’s plan to buy back its debt from private investors, as part of an agreement to unlock a new bailout package worth EUR44 billion.

The U.S. dollar reached a one-month low against the pound, with GBPUSD reaching the level of 1.6119.

The American dollar stood lower against the yen, with USDJPY going down to 81.98, but went higher against the Swiss franc, with USDCHF trading at 0.9267.

The greenback had a mixed behavior against its Canadian, Australian and New Zealand rivals, with USDCAD going down to 0.9942, AUDUSD hitting the level of1.0469 and NZDUSD going up to.8241.

The dollar index that follows the movement of the U.S. dollar together with six other major currencies, went down with 0.19% to the level of 79.76.

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