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Daily Analisys for GBPUSD, 23.10.2012 October 23, 2012

The sterling recorded a neutral session on the first day of the week. GBPUSD started at levels of 1.6007 and followed an uptrend line until the middle hours of the day, reaching a value of 1.6050. However, then the pair took in the opposite direction and ended the session at levels of 1.6011, with a slight increase compared to the level of opening. In a new decrease during the following days, GBPUSD will head to 1.5974 support. In a case of upward movement, perhaps, the pair will focus on resistance situated at level of 1.6214.

Support: 1.5974, 1.5751;
Resistance: 1.6214, 1.6269, 1.6307;



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