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Currency pair NZDUSD went up 12.04.2012 December 4, 2012

Today, the New Zealand dollar went up against the U.S. dollar, as there was a little progress in coping with the financial problems in Greece and Spain.

The currency pair NZDUSD was traded at the levels of 0.8234 during the European morning session, which is the highest level for this pair since November 30. Later on the pair NZDUSD found consolidation at 0.8225, going up with 0.19%.

The pair NZDUSD was supposed to find support at 0.8202, which is bottom for this session, and resistance at 0.8268, a highest level from November 29.

The kiwi appeared stable against the Australian dollar with AUDNZD going a little down with 0.01%, trading at the level of 1.2690.



Besides today, the Reserve Bank of Australia decreased its benchmark interest rate to 3%, compared to 3.25%, a 50-year low set during the 2009 global recession, as hiring slows and a strong currency hurts industries such as manufacturing and tourism.

Released official data showed that building approvals in Australia dropped far more-than-expected in October, declining by 7.6%, comparing to 9.5% rise from the previous month.

Experts foresee that building approvals will fall with 2% in October.

Levels of support for NZDUSD: 0.8202

Levels of resistance for NZDUSD: 0.8268

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